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Discussion on forging technology of automobile aluminum allo

Time:2020-09-27 Source:未知 Click:time

The forging process of aluminum alloy swing arm of triangular automobile is aimed at overcoming the problems of low product quality, low material utilization rate and low production efficiency existing in the existing technology. The steps are as follows:
1. The material;
2. Billet heating: The billet in Step 1 is heated in the electric induction heating furnace, the heating temperature is 420 ~ 480℃, and the holding temperature is 5 ~ 8min, so that the billet is evenly heated. After forging, dynamic recrystallization has been completed, forming a uniform structure;
3. Roll forging forming: 1) Calculate roll forging times n, 2) Roll forging forming: include (1) the first roll forging forming to (4) the fourth roll forging forming;
4. Wrong shift forming;
5. Squash forming;
6. Preforge forming;
7. Final forging forming: The final forging forming is carried out on the basis of preforging forming. The final forging forming is designed according to the hot forging drawing, and the preforgings are put into the mold cavity of the final forging die, and then the parts are obtained under the action of the press;
8. Forging shaping.
Aluminum alloy triangle swing arm is a key component of automobile steering system. Its shape is complex and forming is difficult. Therefore, the control arm of the automobile aluminum alloy swing arm is a test of the strength of aluminum alloy forging processing enterprises.

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