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Processing chemical composition of aluminum alloy

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Processing chemical composition of 6063 aluminum alloy
Aluminum Al: residual silicon Si: 0.20 ~ 0.60 Copper Cu: 0.10 magnesium Mg:0.45 ~ 0.9
Zinc Zn: 0.10 manganese Mn: 0.10 titanium: 0.10 chromium Cr: 0.10 iron Fe: 0.35
Mechanical properties of aluminum alloy
Tensile strength: B (MPa) : 130 ~ 230
Annealing temperature of wrought aluminum
The annealing temperature of 6063 aluminum alloy is 415℃×(2-3)h, which is cooled to 260℃ at a certain cooling rate
Aluminum alloy pipes and aluminum alloy pipe fittings and steel pipe fittings can be manufactured according to American standard, German standard, Japanese standard, NATIONAL standard, electric standard and non-standard in electric power, petrochemical, petroleum, chemical industry, etc. It can produce 4 -- 426 wall thickness 1 -- 50 seamless steel tubes, cold drawn steel tubes, hot rolled steel tubes, hot diffused steel tubes (426 -- 820). , can export fixed-size steel pipe, welded pipe, spiral pipe. In addition, a number of finishing mills can produce small precision capillary diameter 3-100 wall thickness 0.5-25. (Specializing in the production of large straight slit steel pipe, thick wall steel pipe, double submerged arc welding steel pipe, diameter from 325mm-1800mm, wall thickness from 8-80, length can be defined, usually made of Q235b, Q345 B, L245. Implementation standard: GB/ T3091-2008.API5L GB/T9711-201)
1. TG profiles are silvery oxidized on the surface; Bolts and nuts, carbon steel, galvanized or nickel plated.
2. General invoice or special VAT invoice can be provided for all products. If necessary, please provide invoice materials.
3. All industrial aluminum profiles are priced at 1 meter; All accessories are marked at the price of 1 piece.
4, aluminum alloy processing: in addition to cutting deep processing, such as: oxidation coloring, drilling, milling hole, milling groove, tapping, carving, welding, bending, etc., are paid, the specific cost is agreed by both sides.
6. Aluminum forging: We can customize all kinds of non-standard frames, such as equipment cover and assembly line workbench. You can make drawings or free drawings for your friends. Provides you with a new framework assembly concept.
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