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Aluminium alloy processing flow

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Processing flow of aluminum alloy:
1, kunshan transit aluminum alloy processing, aluminum alloy forging, aluminum finishing information: in addition to cutting processing, such as: oxidation coloring, drilling, milling, slotting, tapping hole, carving, welding, bending round aluminum unified using cardboard with bubble wrap layered packaging, accessories adopt carton packaging, to ensure that the goods are not damaged in transit and lost. Aluminum frame we generally use wooden box packaging delivery, charge: 200 yuan per cubic meter. For example: 2 cubed, that is 400 yuan, and so on.
2, aluminum profile from cutting, processing, - inspection - packaging each link will count the specification and quantity. Before the packaging of accessories is also one person check one person review, shipping with the delivery note, so please customers in the receipt of the goods in the face of the express and logistics personnel unpacking, acceptance according to the delivery note above the specifications and quantity.
Forging aluminum
First, forging aluminum classification
The classification methods can be divided into the following categories according to their purposes:
1. Architectural forging aluminum (divided into doors, Windows and curtain walls).
2. Aluminum radiator.
3. Specific forging aluminum: mainly used for industrial production and manufacturing, such as automatic mechanical equipment, the framework of the cover, and customized die opening according to the requirements of each company's mechanical equipment, such as conveyor belt in the assembly line, elevator, dispenser, testing equipment, shelves, etc., most of which are used in the electronic machinery industry and dust-free room.
4. Aluminum alloy profile of rail vehicle structure: mainly used in the manufacture of rail vehicle body, namely aluminum alloy control arm
5, aluminum profile, made into aluminum frame, mounted various exhibitions, decorative paintings.
(2) Classification by alloy
1 can be divided into 1024, 2011, 6063, 6061, 6082, 7075 and other alloy aluminum profiles, among which 6 series are more common. The difference between different brands lies in the different proportions of various metal components. In addition to common window and door aluminum profiles, such as 60 series, 70 series, 80 series, 90 series, curtain wall series and other building aluminum profiles, there is no clear model distinction for industrial aluminum profiles, and most manufacturers process them according to customers' actual drawings.
(3) Classification according to surface treatment requirements
1. Anodized aluminum
2. Electrophoretic coating aluminum
3. Powder coated aluminum
4. Wood grain transfer aluminum
5. Fluorocarbon coated aluminum
6. Smooth aluminum
How to distinguish the characteristics of inferior quality
(1) Thin oxide film thickness. The standard stipulates that the oxidation film thickness of building aluminum profiles should not be less than 10um(micron). The thickness is not enough, the surface of aluminum profile is easy to rust, corrosion. Sampling inspection of some of the name, site, production license, certificate of aluminum profile, its oxide film thickness is only 2 to 4um, some even no oxide film. It is estimated by experts that every 1um of oxidation film thickness reduced, each ton of profile can reduce the cost of power consumption more than 150 yuan.
(2) Unqualified chemical composition. Adding a lot of miscellaneous aluminum, waste aluminum can greatly reduce the cost of aluminum profiles, but it will lead to unqualified chemical composition of building aluminum profiles, seriously endanger the safety of building projects.
(3) Reduce the wall thickness of profiles. 90 series push-pull window, according to the standard of its aluminum profile wall thickness is generally not less than 1.4mm, some Guangdong products only 0.6 to 0.7mm. The thickness of the standard aluminum profile is generally no less than 1.62mm. In random inspection, some products in Guangdong are only 0.97 to 1.18mm.
(4) The inferior aluminum profile greatly reduces the closing time, reduces the loss of chemical reagent, and reduces the cost, but the corrosion resistance of the profile is also greatly reduced.
The characteristics and properties of aluminum profiles after various surface treatment processes
(1) aluminum frosted fabrics: frosted surface aluminum avoids the polished aluminum alloy profiles in architectural decoration exist in the specific environment and conditions will form the interference of light, its surface as brocade and soft, very popular with the market, but the existing grinding material should overcome the uneven surface of the sand, and can see the shortage of the die lines.
(2) more tonal and surface treatment of aluminum: currently, the monotony of silvery white and tan already cannot satisfy architects tile, exterior wall latex with exterior wall decoration is very good, a new type of stainless steel color, champagne color series, gold, titanium gold, red, wine red, purplish red, black, purple) combined with such as colored glass can make adornment effect is the icing on the cake. These profiles should be reoxidized after chemical or mechanical polishing for better results.
(3) Electrophoretic painted aluminum profiles: The surface of the electrophoretic painted profiles is soft and can resist the erosion of cement and mortar acid rain. 90% of the aluminum profiles in Japan are electrophoretic painted. Powder electrostatic spraying aluminum profiles: Powder electrostatic spraying profiles are characterized by excellent corrosion resistance, acid, alkali, salt spray resistance is much better than oxidation coloring profiles.
(4) Plasma reinforced electrochemical surface ceramic aluminum profiles: this profile is a very good treatment technology. This profile product quality, good, but the cost is higher. It has more than 20 kinds of tonal, its characteristic is to be able to resemble printing cloth to need according to the same color, profile surface colour is profusion, adornment effect is very good.
The above is quanshun aluminum alloy for you to introduce the processing process of aluminum alloy.

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