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Measures to prevent oxidation and reduce decarburization of

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The aluminum alloy swing arm is the object of metal forming or shrinking with appropriate force under the action of pressure and plastic deformation. This type of aerodynamic model is achieved by hammling or pressure. The fine grain structure was established by casting process, and the physical properties of metal were improved. In the fantasy use of components, a correct vision makes the particle flow at the main pressure of the target.
The aluminum alloy swing arm requires that each piece be divergent and free from any pores, excess space, inclusions or other defects. The components consumed in this way have a high strength-to-weight ratio.
When the aluminum alloy swing arm is heated in the forging process, the iron and alloy on the material surface react with oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor and other elements in the medium to form an oxidation film, which is called an oxidation film. The dimension precision and surface brightness of high temperature workpiece decreased after oxidation.
In order to prevent oxidation of aluminum alloy swing arm and reduce decarburization, measures are as follows:
1. The surface of the workpiece is coated and sealed with stainless steel foil for heating.
2. Use salt bath furnace for heating.
3. Heat in a protective atmosphere.
4. Use a flame burner.
Raw materials in aluminum alloy forging heating process, the surface of carbon and oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor reaction, known as decarbonization, reduce the surface carbon concentration decarbonization steel after quenching surface hardness and fatigue strength and wear resistance to reduce, the surface residual tensile stress is the formation of surface network cracks.

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