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What are the advantages of aluminum forging high speed cutti

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What are the advantages of using high speed cutting for aluminum forging?
First, high processing efficiency, greatly improve the machine's fast air travel speed, reduce the non-cutting air travel time, greatly improve the productivity of the machine;
Secondly, with the reduction of cutting force, the radial cutting force can be greatly reduced, which is especially beneficial to the precision machining of thin wall and thin wall ribs and other parts with poor rigidity.
Three, greatly reduce the processing cost, reduce the grinding and finishing process;
4. Good surface quality, stable work and small vibration;
V. To ensure the dimension and position accuracy of parts;
Ensure the tool and workpiece to keep low temperature, extend the tool life;
Seven, the thermal deformation of the workpiece is reduced, high speed cutting tools have good thermal hardness, reduce environmental pollution, achieve green processing;

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