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The application of automobile aluminum alloy is more and mor

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With the aggravation of environmental pollution and energy crisis, reducing the weight and fuel consumption of cars has become an important direction of the green development of the automobile industry.
Automobile aluminum alloy has come into people's sight. The lightweight of automobile can not only alleviate the energy crisis to some extent, but also help to control environmental pollution. Therefore, the subject of automobile lightweight has very important practical significance.
Aluminum alloy has excellent casting properties. Suitable alloys and casting methods can be selected according to the requirements of application purposes, parts shapes, dimensional accuracy, quantity, quality standards, mechanical properties and economic benefits. Mainly used for manufacturing engine cylinder block, clutch box, steering wheel box, transmission, etc. Non-engine components such as wheels, engine construction, brake calipers, cylinders and brake discs. In addition to the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance required by standards and specifications, aluminum alloy automobile body plate shall also have the following properties:
First, good formability, body and sheet metal parts are formed by stamping, therefore, aluminum alloy sheet should have good formability, that is, low yield ratio and high forming limit;
Ii. Zirconium/titanium salt has good chemical conversion performance, which forms the conversion film layer of zirconium/titanium salt treatment system and creates a good foundation for lubricating oil adsorption. The solution is environmentally friendly and does not contain chromium. It is mainly composed of titanium, zirconium, fluorine, nitrate, organic additive and other metal salts. The transformation film is formed on ABS by dipping and spraying, and the resulting film has strong bond with organic polymer.
Good weldability, can meet the requirements of auto parts after forming welding. Sheet metal shall have anti-aging stability to ensure that no aging occurs before sheet metal manufacturing and stamping production, so as to prevent the increase of material yield point during stamping process, which will affect the surface quality of automobile outer plate;
Four, light vehicles also need high sheet metal properties, that is to say, the increase in the yield strength of sheet metal obviously after stamping deformation and spray paint baking, to ensure that high concave resistance of metal plate, aluminum alloy plate, the need for spray paint baking technology and the current steel plate stamping components compatibility;
Five, the surface finish is strong, aluminum alloy sheet after forming must have good flanging ductility and uniform surface color, that is, after forming the sheet parts surface no slip line. The slip line is caused by the non-uniform grain size or the non-uniform distribution of inclusions, resulting in the non-uniform surface deformation and inconsistent surface gloss after spraying.

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