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Automobile aluminum parts and aluminum extrusion technology

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The repair of automobile aluminum parts is indispensable when talking about automobile aluminum parts. Automobile aluminum is a necessary material for many automobile manufacturing enterprises.
Automotive aluminum has the following characteristics: the aluminum without the tendency of brittle fracture at low temperatures, with lower temperature, the mechanical properties have some change, the strength increased, but the plastic was decreased very little, so sometimes in order to reduce or eliminate internal stress of castings, casting or casting after quenching, can be cooled to 50 ℃, 70 ℃ or lower temperature, keep 2 to 3 h, then heating to room temperature in air or water, or artificial aging is on going, the process called cold treatment. Annealing treatment of automobile aluminum parts: heating aluminum alloy castings to a higher temperature, generally about 300 ℃, after holding for a certain time, with the furnace cooling to room temperature, the process is called annealing. During the annealing process, the solid solution is decomposed and the second phase particles are aggregated, which can eliminate the internal stress of casting, stabilize the casting size, reduce the deformation and increase the plasticity of casting. The aluminum industry analysis predicts that automotive applications will rise by 50% in five years, from 250 pounds per car in 2000 to 380 pounds per car in 2005. Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools are needed for mass production of aluminum parts. The main cause of PCD tool damage is chip production during machining. To keep the PCD tool cutting edge intact, it is best to distribute the cutting load evenly over each milling cutter tooth.
Automotive aluminum
The repair of automobile aluminum parts is the concern of many 4S shops and auto repair factories. Such as the car roof was hit by hail and other small pit, most of the repair shop knowledge scraping putty, paint, and so on. Individual need to use welding rod welding.
(1) when the maintenance aluminum body panels, should first pay attention to the resilience of aluminum is small, simple concave and convex deformation, should first determine how many drawing should be welding point to just pull out the part of the sag, with a special aluminum body plastic hammer gently draw, the solder joint, to make all of the solder joints slowly pull up at the same time, the aluminum body cannot use the hammer, because aluminous material is very soft, if serious deformation, can only cut part deformation place with a special welding machine welding aluminum body up and smooth, the other aluminum body not heat bilges cold shrink, shrink the fire will only cause more damage to the aluminum body.
(2) Aluminum body welding method, first must confirm whether the welding wire and the body material is the same, then use detergent or polishing machine to remove all the car body dust, paint, aluminum body welding welding
Aluminum extrusion technology:
(a) : The aluminum profiles on the cooling bed shall not rub against each other, pull, overlap, squeeze and twist together in the process of material taking and moving and stretching, and a certain interval shall be reserved between each other. Easy to bend, the length of the material should be handled in a timely manner, when necessary to do the protection of each other.
(two) : the profile stretch must be cooled to 50 degrees below (naked hand can grasp) can be moved to the drawing frame for stretching work, the temperature is too high that stretch will burn the human body, hot broken wool, but also because can not completely eliminate the internal stress of the profile before and after aging appeared bending, twisting, poor performance and other absolute waste.
(three) : because of the hair has heat emission resistance role, decorative surface requirements of the profile must be more up and down to flip back and forth, in order to heat uniform, reduce heat uneven crystallinism and thus produced transverse bright spot defects, especially the large wide surface, wall partial thickness profile should pay more attention.
(4) : pay attention to the stress conditions of small feet, thin teeth, long legs, arc surface, inclined surface, opening, Angle and other profiles with high width to thickness ratio, long suspension wall, large radian, large wall thickness and strange shape, to prevent local or point size deformation, twist, screw and other defects.
(5): The stretching amount should be controlled at about 1%. For example, the stretching amount of 25M sections should be stretched around 25CM after straightening the section, but it must not exceed 2%. In production, it should be adjusted according to the actual conditions of profile discharge and various specific requirements (opening size, surface quality, external size, inner diameter size, wall thickness size, elongation, etc.), so as to find the tensile quantity that can meet various specific requirements at the same time in the contradictory technical requirements. Excessive tensile will result in the deviation of head and tail size, water grain (fish scale) marks on the surface, low elongation, high hardness and brittle (low plasticity). Too low tensile will make the profile compressive strength and hardness on the low side, and even aging (quenching) can not improve the hardness, profile easy arc bending (commonly known as machete bend).
(vi): In order to control the amount of tensile deformation and better control the size change of the entire section, appropriate special clamp pad and appropriate methods should be adopted. Especially open material, arc material, cantilever material, as well as curved shape profile should pay more attention to the reasonable and effective use of stretch clamp. When it is necessary to stretch the middle of the profile should be held upright or pad to ensure that the stretching size between the middle and the end of the section meet the profile requirements.

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