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Do you know the way to improve the quality of aluminum extru

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To improve the quality of aluminum extrusion can be learned from the following aspects:
1. Die casting mold working tape must be polished before use. The working belt is generally required to be polished to mirror glass. Check the flatness and levelness of the die casting working area before processing. Nitriding quality determines the flatness of the strip to a certain extent. Die casting mold cavity must be cleaned with high pressure gas and soft bristle brush, there is no dirt such as dust concentration or residue, or it is most likely to be pulled out of the working area in the alloy flow zone, and the aluminum products extruded will appear thick or lining defects.
2. The heat preservation time of the die casting mold during extrusion is generally 2-3 hours, but cannot exceed 8 hours. Otherwise, it will reduce the tensile strength of the nitride layer in the die casting mold, resulting in the machine not wear resistance, resulting in the surface of aluminum is not smooth, and will cause wire drawing and other serious defects.
3. Select the correct alkaline washing (boiling mold) method. After discharging the die casting mold, the die casting mold temperature is above 600℃. If you soak the alkaline water immediately, the temperature of the alkaline water is much lower than that of the die casting mold. If the temperature of die - casting die drops sharply, die - casting die is most likely to crack. The correct method is to release the die casting mold in a gas of 100°-250°C and then soak it in alkaline water.
4. Optimize extrusion molding process. In order to study the service life of die casting mould, it is very important to use die casting mould correctly. Due to the extreme working conditions of the extrusion die, proper measures should be taken to ensure the mechanical properties of the die casting die in the extrusion molding production.

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