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How to repair automobile aluminum parts

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The repair of automobile aluminum parts needs several steps. Most users choose to replace the damaged aluminum parts. This article introduces the repair of automobile aluminum alloy and aluminum parts
I. Understanding of equipment for repairing aluminum body
Repairing aluminum body requires much higher equipment than steel body. Generally, there are the following kinds of equipment:
1. Plasma cutting machine
2. Carbon dioxide welding machine for aluminum body
3, aluminum body muon machine
4, pneumatic giant
5. Polishing machine and other equipment
(1) Plasma cutting machine can best choose to cut more than 3mm, cutting gun with automatic cooling way or with arc cutting gun, mainly used to cut the car without rubber parts of the sheet metal.
(2) The carbon dioxide welding machine of aluminum body shall choose the welding machine with automatic wire feeding and high-frequency welding, as well as the teflon hose welding gun. The pressure relief meter shall be equipped with argon meter.
(3) Aluminum body muon machine must be equipped with frame type tension device, the equipment should have two negative electrode conductive to prevent arc deviation, welding gun has automatic balance adjustment function, otherwise can not guarantee the welding spot.
(4) Pneumatic giant, an important tool for cutting fire protection parts, generally choose 2 inches is better.
(5) Polishing machine is an important tool used to clear the surface paint and remove the drawing parts after the repair of aluminum body.
For the maintenance of aluminum vehicles, if the use of general welding welding, because the melting point of aluminum is much lower than iron, it is easy to weld through, deformation is large, so its quality is difficult to guarantee, must be used for aluminum body research and development of aluminum body special protection welding machine.
Two. Slim aluminum body of the basic knowledge
Along with the development of the auto quick technology continues to improve, car aluminum used more and more widely, from the car body structure, cover plate, plate, the plate plate condenser to the engine, radiator, the cylinder body and a variety of fittings, and aluminum, the proportion of more and more high, experts predict that in the next five years, automobile industry will be a large number of using aluminium body, most of the limousine of the sheet metal from high strength steel to aluminum body panels, the advantages of aluminum body panels in rust prevention and mute are far more than the original steel body panels. But in the whole body maintenance process has increased more difficult.
(1) when the maintenance aluminum body panels, should first pay attention to the resilience of aluminum is small, simple concave and convex deformation, should first determine how many drawing should be welding point to just pull out the part of the sag, with a special aluminum body plastic hammer gently draw, the solder joint, to make all of the solder joints slowly pull up at the same time, the aluminum body cannot use the hammer, because aluminous material is very soft, if serious deformation, can only cut part deformation place with a special welding machine welding aluminum body up and smooth, the other aluminum body not heat bilges cold shrink, shrink the fire will only cause more damage to the aluminum body.
(2) Aluminum body welding method, first must confirm whether the welding wire and the body material is the same, then use detergent or polishing machine to remove all the car body dust, paint, aluminum body welding welding

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