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What advantage does aluminium alloy swing arm have to change

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There are some special cases, such as deformation of the swing arm or crack of the swing arm caused by impact. If there is a swing in the direction during the driving, the weight is different from left to right, the braking direction is off-track, and the swing arm has a large movement or abnormal noise during the bumping, it means that the swing arm has been damaged. It is recommended to replace the swing arm as soon as possible.
Main material of swing arm
1, aluminum alloy material: aluminum alloy material has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, and the toughness of the car aluminum alloy is very good, can be in a better state with the suspension movement, but the aluminum alloy bottom arm is the most expensive, mainly used for various luxury brands.
2, cast iron material: the so-called cast iron is after the iron is melted, poured into the mold after shaping into a fixed shape. The strength and rigidity of cast iron is second only to aluminum alloy, but due to the characteristics of cast iron, toughness is poor, so often can see some of the front suspension of vehicles directly fracture, rather than deformation.
3, double layer stamping parts: to put it simply, double layer stamping parts is to pass 2 pieces of steel plate through the machine tool stamping, forming two pieces of independent shape stamping parts, and then the two pieces of stamping parts welded together, the strength is not as good as cast iron, toughness is good, but in the face of strong impact will be deformed.
4, single layer stamping parts: as the name implies, only one piece of stamping parts, not like the two side stamping parts through welding into one.
Aluminum is commonly used in automobiles as suspension components, mainly for the purpose of lightening or enhancing strength. The aluminum here is all aluminum alloy, the strength is very good, ordinary aluminum strength is not. The following aluminum alloys are replaced by aluminum.
Lightweight makes sense. Aluminum has a lower density than iron, about a third of it. But don't assume that by using aluminum you're going to divide by three. Aluminum has a lower strength, so if you make it straight out of iron you fold it. Aluminium parts for the same purpose must be stronger than iron, simply because aluminium is not as strong as iron.
Here, the art of design is reflected. Although aluminum parts require greater volume, they are still less heavy if they reach the same strength as iron parts. This is where lightening comes in. If on this basis, continue to strengthen the aluminum, so that its weight and iron equivalent, the strength will be higher than the iron.
Change the time
1. Whether it rusts: If the swinging arm is found to be rusted, it must be treated at 4S point in time to prevent the accident of fracture;
2, to avoid chassis rub: after pothole road, to slow down by, to avoid rubbing chassis, swing arm crack, swing arm damage will lead to direction jitter, run off;
3. Timely replacement: If the service life of the swinging arm of various materials is different, it should be replaced in time according to the vehicle maintenance manual and the Suggestions of THE 4S shop;
4. If the swing arm is replaced, four-wheel positioning should be carried out to prevent the car from running off course or eating tires.
Above is the introduction of quanshun xiaobian aluminum arm of the relevant knowledge, for more details please contact us.

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