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What is the principle of aluminum forging

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Nowadays, the forging processing technology of aluminum alloy is becoming more and more mature, mainly including free forging technology of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy forging, heat treatment of aluminum alloy forging, common forging equipment of aluminum alloy, new forging technology of aluminum alloy, information technology and so on. Forging is used in the processing of aluminum alloy, so what is aluminum alloy forging?
Aluminum alloy light alloy forging is a forging that USES plasticity and external force to produce plastic deformation to obtain the required shape, size and certain structure and performance. Advantages: forgings are compact and uniform in structure, and their performance is better than that of die-casting, cutting and welding parts, which are mainly divided into warm forging and cold forging.
The characteristic of warm forging is that it combines the advantages of cold forging and hot forging while reducing the disadvantages of each. Compared with cold forging, warm forging has less deformation force and is easy to form. Large deformation can reduce the number of processes, reduce the die cost and punch tonnage, and die service life is higher than cold forging. No presoftened embryo or interprocess annealing is required, making continuous production easier than cold forging.
Cold forging is characterized by material saving, high efficiency and high quality parts, including high dimensional accuracy, low surface roughness, which can reduce or eliminate machining and grinding processes, and sometimes heat treatment can be omitted.

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