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Is the safety of all aluminum body guaranteed how to repair

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  The use of aluminum in automobiles shows an increasing trend year by year. There are many models that use aluminum in part or in whole. The vehicle transmission system USES aluminum components, which not only have sufficient strength and toughness, but also have good thermal conductivity. Facts have proved that the use of aluminum in automobiles has indeed achieved good social and economic benefits.

Automotive aluminium alloy safety
1, aluminum brings structural advantages, steel is also indispensable
As is known to all, compared with ordinary steel, aluminum material can better predict the collision scenario at the beginning of design, and ensure the structure and reserved collision position. Therefore, aluminum body can improve the vehicle safety to a certain extent and achieve better performance in the crash test.
Although some of the yield strength of aluminum alloy can reach more than 500-600 mpa and rival general strength steel parts, but in some important force, still not as good as the strength of high strength steel, so in some important parts will also use high strength steel reinforcement, such as the range rover aluminum body, with 4% of high strength steel and 1% of thermoforming ultra-high strength steel.
2, weight reduction braking optimization, safety control to a higher level
In fact, the safety of the aluminum body is not only reflected in the structure and material characteristics, but also plays a great role in the braking and handling of the vehicle. Ford's F-150 pickup truck, for example, weighs 318kg less than its predecessor due to its all-aluminum body. The vehicle's inertia has been greatly reduced and the braking distance has been greatly reduced. That's why the F-150 gets the highest five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which gives it a higher safety rating than comparable models. And because aluminum has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, it can give the vehicle a more stable life cycle.
Hardware requirements for aluminum body maintenance
1. Special gas shielded welding machine and shape repair machine for aluminum body
Due to the low melting point of aluminum, easy deformation, welding requirements of low current, so must use a special aluminum body gas shielded welding machine. Shape repair machine can not be like the ordinary shape repair machine to click and draw, can only use special aluminum body shape repair machine welding muon nail, using muon nail stretcher for drawing.
2. Special aluminum body repair tools and powerful riveting guns

Different from the traditional accident car repair, the repair of aluminum body is mostly by riveting method, which must have a strong riveting gun. And repair aluminum body tools must be dedicated, can not be mixed with the maintenance of steel body tools. After repairing the steel body, scrap iron will be left on the tools. If it is used to repair the aluminum body, scrap iron will be embedded into the surface of the aluminum, causing corrosion to the aluminum.
3. Explosion-proof dust collecting and vacuuming system
In the process of polishing the aluminum body, there will be a lot of aluminum powder, aluminum powder is not only harmful to human body, but also flammable and explosive, so it is necessary to have an explosion-proof dust collection and cleaning system to absorb aluminum powder in time.
4. Independent maintenance space
Due to the strict requirements of aluminum body repair process, to ensure the maintenance quality and maintenance operation safety, to avoid aluminum powder to the workshop pollution and explosion, it is necessary to set up a separate aluminum body repair station. In addition, the aluminum body maintenance personnel to carry out professional training, master the maintenance of the aluminum body maintenance process, how to position drawing, welding, riveting, bonding and so on.
Note for aluminum body maintenance operation
1, aluminum alloy plate local tensile is not good, easy to crack. For example, because the shape of the inner plate of the engine hood is more complex, in order to improve the tensile deformation performance of the body during the manufacture of high-strength aluminum alloy, the elongation has exceeded 30%, so in the maintenance to ensure that the shape does not change as far as possible, in order to avoid cracks.
2. Dimension accuracy is not easy to grasp, and rebound is difficult to control. The method of releasing stress by low temperature heating should be adopted as far as possible in the maintenance to make it stable without secondary deformation phenomena such as springback.
3, because aluminum is softer than steel, collision and various dust adhesion in maintenance will cause parts surface damage, scratches and other defects, so it is necessary to carry out the mold cleaning, equipment cleaning, environmental dust, air pollution and other aspects to take appropriate measures to ensure the integrity of the parts.
Because of its own performance advantages, aluminum alloy is more and more used in automobile body, the safety of aluminum alloy can be assured. In addition the car body maintenance is also quite convenient, for more details please contact us.

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