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Can the process of aluminum extrusion be reformed

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Aluminum extrusion is a machine that melts aluminum at high temperature and extrudes it into a specific shape. The production of aluminum extrusion is required to be high and the extrusion speed is stable. In the transformation of hydraulic energy saving, aluminum extrusion is also a model with high requirements. How to do it well? If it does not meet the requirements, can it be modified?
Process attention elements
1. Temperature control: For extrusion production, extrusion temperature is the most basic and critical process factor. Extrusion temperature has great influence on product quality, production efficiency, die life and energy consumption.
2. Extrusion speed: The extrusion speed must be carefully controlled during the extrusion process. The extrusion speed has important influence on the thermal effect of deformation, deformation uniformity, recrystallization and solid solution process, mechanical properties and surface quality of products.
3. Machine quenching: The 6063-T5 quenching is to preserve the Mg2Si solid dissolved in the matrix metal at high temperature after the mold hole is quickly cooled to room temperature. The cooling rate is usually proportional to the content of the hardening phase. 6063 alloy can be strengthened at a minimum cooling rate of 38℃/ min, so it is suitable for air quenching. Changing the fan and fan revolutions can change the cooling intensity and make the temperature of the product drop below 60℃ before the tension is straightened.
Aluminum extrusion modification
With the rapid development of aluminum industry and increasingly fierce market competition, it is an urgent need to improve the product market competitiveness to reduce product consumption and save production cost.
The aluminum extruder can be transformed by servo system. The aluminum extruder is equipped with high pressure pump and medium pressure pump. Two kinds of functions need to be considered in the process of transformation, and two sets of servo systems should be supported. Transformation requires very professional technicians, otherwise the machine will run unstable, the probability of defective products greatly increased.
Due to the nature of the equipment itself, the energy-saving effect of aluminum extrusion is not very high in many equipment, usually in the power saving rate of 15%-30%, but the production efficiency can be increased by 5%, in general, the energy-saving efficiency is considerable.

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