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How to position and analyze the market for aluminum forging

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Aluminum forging has been widely used in daily life, but not only the number of independent forging enterprises in the aluminum alloy forging industry has increased, that is to say, many independent forging enterprises with independent legal person status are self-financing and self-financing from all aspects of factories. Forging production to the professional development of products has made considerable progress, formed a number of professional production lines.
To go out

Some insightful people in the industry think that it is the only way for Chinese forging enterprises to go out and develop the market, otherwise the Chinese forging market will become a big market for foreign forging enterprises. In the next few years, China's forging industry to the world conditions and direction efforts are :WTO is conducive to the export of primary products -- forgings, can be used to produce forgings with the same level of international raw material prices; Before China's forging enterprises participate in international competition, it is necessary to enhance their own strength, that is, the technology needs innovation, the price needs to be reduced, the production needs efficiency; Forging enterprise foreign trade (export) personnel training will be more and more important; Some forging enterprises with good conditions or excellent production lines and professional technology are expected to become the forerunner of the international market.
In recent years, despite the rapid development of China's forging industry, but the progress of technological transformation is not fast, how to carry out the research of technological transformation for enterprises has been extremely urgent.
Product positioning
The key content is: how to conduct product positioning, how to conduct market positioning and analysis; How to understand the technology market environment of Chinese enterprises; How to determine forging cost; What are the most popular technologies in the world? A new understanding of domestic repetitive construction.
Product hot spots
After investment in hot spots such as connecting rod, crankshaft, front beam and steering knuckle, the enterprise conducts precision forging, cold forging and hot forging of steering gear, automobile gear and engine parts. This hot spot will last for several years, but there will also be new hot products, namely extrusion rods and pipe forging. Coloured forgings for cars, building decoration and electrical products will not heat up soon, but there will certainly be investment.
In addition, the domestic nonferrous forging market also needs to be cultivated. Another hot and lucrative area is construction machinery, particularly parts for roads and Bridges. Thermal technology. In recent years, hot and hot forging, cold and hot forging and diffuser technology will be highly valued by enterprises. Companies should not overheat and fail as they invest in front beams and crankshafts.

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