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High utilization rate is achieved by aluminum extrusion

Time:2020-09-27 Source:未知 Click:time

At present, the aluminum extrusion machine research gradually improve, material or design performance testing, and a new type of copper and aluminum extrusion machine, this is the high speed running equipment, designers make little progress in various aspects, familiar with the simulation test and the working environment and practical conclusion, confirmed that the designer of the ac synchronous servo system is limited to copper and aluminum extrusion machine, so the energy aluminium extrusion machine is very accurate.
What is the opening of the aluminum mold?
Aluminum molding need mold, general extrusion molding, also need aluminum mold. Under the action of three-way non-uniform compression stress, the blank is extruded from the orifice or gap of the mold to reduce the section area and increase the length, which becomes the required product processing method, which is called extrusion, and the blank is called extrusion.
Aluminum extrusion, especially cold extrusion, has high material utilization rate, improved material structure and mechanical properties, simple operation, high productivity, can produce long rod, deep hole, thin wall, profiled profiles, is an important less cutting processing technology. Extrusion is mainly used for metal forming, but also for plastic, rubber, graphite, clay blank and other non-metal forming. During the extrusion process, the billet is subjected to triaxial compressive stress.
Aluminum extrusion is not only used in machining, but also in food processing. In food processing, dough is piped into various shapes.

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